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    Mimosa Bundle

    12pk Energy Drink & Pre-Workout

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    Step into a world of sophistication with our Mimosa flavor — a luxurious tribute to leisurely brunches and sun-kissed gatherings. Our Mimosa flavor masterfully combines the zesty essence of freshly squeezed oranges with the effervescent charm of a sparkling celebration, offering an elegant, bubbly sensation. Tailored for those who pursue excellence, this collection includes a 12-pack of Mimosa Alani Energy and a 30-serving tub of Mimosa Pre-Workout. Each product is enriched with 200mg of caffeine and maintains a zero sugar formula. Indulge in the refined, citrus-infused Energy drink or prepare the Pre-Workout for a sumptuously sparkling, delightful sip that enhances every moment of your fitness journey.