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Why Choose Alani Nu

If you’re here, then we know you’re committed to finding your strength inside with a supplement partner that’s ready to help you achieve more, succeed more, and pursue more. That’s why we created Alani Nu – to help you go the extra mile without gimmicks, fillers, or nasty stuff you don’t need in your supplements.

No one will be surprised to learn that Alani Nu was born in the gym. Katy and Haydn were often asked for supplement recommendations, but they never felt comfortable recommending products they couldn’t vouch for completely. In an effort to provide their clients with a trustworthy line of supplements that would meet their needs and expectations, Katy and Haydn developed Alani Nu. We strive to provide our customers with the best formulations on the market, with full transparency in everything we do, leaving out fillers or unnecessary ingredients.

We also noticed there just weren’t any original flavors out there. Every single thing we saw on the shelves was a total snooze, and if we had to drink one more glass of blue raspberry pre-workout or cookies-n-creme protein, we were going to scream. We wanted to offer an exciting flavor line that would actually help people avoid sugary snacks when satisfying their sweet tooth. If we can keep you off the candy with healthy supplements that actually fuel your goals, then we’re succeeding in helping you find your strength inside!

And we’re not done. In 2019, you can look forward to a lot of new lifestyle and nutritional supplements to help you be your best self in the new year. Get excited about new additions to our Essentials line, which will include a new fat burner, probiotics, super greens, and an unbeatable sleep aid. We’ll also be adding delicious snacks to our nutritional line, and 6 packs of delicious energy drinks in your favorite flavors: Rainbow Candy, Mimosa, and Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

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